Aliens Ate My Homework - Aliens Have Landed



Aliens Ate My Homework - Sci-Fi Obviously

(BTS) Aliens Ate My Homework - A Dream Come True

Safe Distance - Isolated Score, Black & White

Killer Sisters' Midnight Hour - Werewolf

(BTS) Aliens Ate My Homework - The Starship Ferkel

Safe Distance - 5 min short

Killer Sisters' Midnight Hour - Zombies

Ray Bradbury's Chrysalis - Final Ritual

Ray Bradbury's Chrysalis - Reaction

The Gentleman Don La Mancha - Esta Dia Tengo Un Sueno

Forest Lawn: The First 100 Years - Finale

"Theme from The Boyfriend" - clips of The Boyfriend, Gentleman Don La Mancha, Mirror Man, Over The Wall, and The Bridesmaid.

"Kidnapping Sarah" - clips from Ray Bradbury's Chrysalis, Gentleman Don La Mancha, Mirror Man, and A Piece of Wood.

A Piece of Wood - End Title

Horror Part 1 - The Visitor