Sci-Fi acting legend William Shatner introduces Comicbook.com's exclusive first look of ALIENS ATE MY HOMEWORK from Universal Picture Home Entertainment.

ALIENS ATE MY HOMEWORK is the film adaptation of book 1 in the beloved Rod Allbright and the Galactic Patrol book series by Bruce Coville. The one and only William Shatner lends his voice talents to an alien named Phillogenous Esk Piemondum, aka Phil.


The galactic patrol lands MARCH 6, 2018 on DVD and digital streaming!





BLACK AND WHITE NIGHTS is a new web series with a supernatural film noir tinge.  Brandon has begun writing music for the episode Something Else which is written by Adam P. Cray.  This will mark the second collaboration between Brandon and Adam (director of SAFE DISTANCE, the short film) with a tentative release date in January. 


Beloved actor William Shatner teased his part in the upcoming movie ALIENS ATE MY HOMEWORK based on the best selling book series by Bruce Coville.

No clips of the movie are available yet but the musical score is finished. Shatner describes a little of what we can expect from this galactic family adventure.


The movie has a DVD & Digital release date in early 2018. So keep following William Shatner for more updates!  Also follow on Twitter (@AliensAteMyHW), Instagram (@aliensatemyhomeworkmovie), Facebook, and #AAMH

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The full 4 and a half minute short film, SAFE DISTANCE, is available to watch on YouTube for free!

Synopsis: Kavanagh (Adam P. Cray) has worked the last few years side by side with New England's most dangerous hitman Angel (Jonathan Hart). Angel has discovered Kavanagh's secret and now they're both in the cold woods alone. No living soul for miles. No more bullets in Kavanagh's pistol. 


Writer/Director Adam P. Cray has partnered with New Bedford producer Lance Gunberg for this short thriller featuring Jonathan Hart of Providence, Rhode Island. The short was produced in four hours in December of 2016 in the woods of Westport, Massachusetts. The music score was composed by Brandon Moore of Los Angeles, California.

"You're a cop. You're a traitor. I know where your family lives."


The scores for Street Runners and Safe Distance are complete, and the two projects are in the final stages of post production.

The web series, Street Runners, will stream online, and the short film, Safe Distance, will be ready for viewing on New Bedford, MA cable access in the coming months.


Brandon will soon be collaborating again with writer/director Kent Bernhard on a new action short film which is in post production now. 

Kent Bernhard's thoughts on working with Brandon: 

"Brandon Moore recognizes that the score is a character in your film, every bit as important as your actors and your lighting. He takes great care to set the tone and fit the mood of each moment of composition expressing truest essence of feeling in each scene." 

THE BIGFOOT HUNTERS Screenings and Awards!

Recently THE BIGFOOT HUNTERS has been screening and picking up some awards. The short film has been accepted to Best Shorts Festival. Recently the film received an Award of Merit from The Indie Fest Film Awards.

There is a chance to catch a screening at the LA International Underground Film Festival where the film will be in Block 4 on December 7th, starting at 6:15PM-7:45PM. Get tickets here: http://laufilmfest.com/Tickets.html

TOY MASTERS Sneak Preview!

Catch a sneak preview of TOY MASTERS at Chicago Filmmakers next week! 

Co-presented with the Chicago Cinema Society, Chicago Filmmakers will be screening the first sneak preview of TOY MASTERS, a documentary that takes a retro look inside Mattel's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe world, cartoon, and the key players involved with creating Mattel's highly successful toy line.

When: Saturday, August 16, 2014

Time: 8:00pm

Where: 5243 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60640

Tickets and information found at chicagofilmmakers.org






"The REAL story behind the greatest toy line every created..."

The final stages of completing the musical score for the TOY MASTERS documentary are underway.


Directors Roger Lay Jr. and Corey Landis came up with the idea to delve into the world of He-Man toys in 2012.  Since then, they've uncovered many twists and turns to the story that brought about Mattel's most successful toy line....

Here is a great summary of the film written by the folks at Chicago Filmmakers:

Chances are, if you were a young fantasy nut growing up in the early '80s, you had a collection of Mattel's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toys piled high in your bedroom, you grooved to the animated Filmation cartoon series, and even waited in line for Cannon’s ill-fated movie version, starring a well-oiled Dolph Lundgren. TOY MASTERS goes behind the scenes and divulges in fascinating, hilarious, and revealing detail a decades-old rivalry and bitter clash over credit between several former Mattel employees, each of whom claim to be responsible for creating these beloved characters and product line. Childhood He-Man fans-turned-filmmakers Roger Lay, Jr. and Corey Landis set out to track down every single player in the development and production of the mega-selling toy line in order to get to the bottom of this story. Along the way, they interview the key creative personnel behind every version of those action figures and all other incarnations of Masters of the Universe including such genre luminaries as J. Michael Straczyski (Babylon 5), FX Oscar-winner Richard Edlund (Star Wars), movie concept artist William Stout (Conan the Barbarian), Filmation co-founder Lou Scheimer, Masters of the Universe movie director Gary Goddard, the animated show’s key voice cast, and many others. TOY MASTERS reveals that the fight for the universe pales in comparison to the one waged for creative acknowledgment.


LA Comedy Shorts 2014

Come watch a screening of OUR URBAN WILDERNESS at the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival

OUR URBAN WILDERNESS will be included in Film Block "One-der Woman" at 2:30 PM  on Friday, May 16th at the Downtown Independent Theater!

Visit lacomedyshorts.com for more information.



OUR URBAN WILDERNESS, a new mockumentary with original music by me, took home the Best Creative Short Film Award at the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival this past weekend.  The film is a rewriting of American history telling the story of a true national icon, the North American shopping cart, from prehistory to present modern day. Congratulations to director Johnny Winningham!




OUR URBAN WILDERNESS, a new mockumentary with original music by me, will be playing at the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival on Sunday, August 18th, NOON, at the Vancouver Library, 901 C Street, Vancouver, Washington. The music was originally composed for a radio play, also directed by Johnny Winningham, but now has found a permanent home in this funny new film. I'm excited the music will finally be heard at last.